Got busted ducking the rope on the Northstar halfpipe - how bad it this?

So… on the last day of the season, Northstar decided to close off the halfpipe (and the rest of the parks) early in the day, like noon. I was pissed off because I paid specifically to hang at the parks - and who are they grooming for anyway, it’s the last day of the season??? So I ducked the rope a couple of times and got busted on the halfpipe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: They “took away my pass” which was done for the season anyway on that day, and told me to go take some classes. Which I haven’t bothered to do since. How bad is this and can I just get another pass this season?

you’ll probably be fine. Just get the class info from them, likely just a video you have to watch, and you’ll be able to get your pass for this season.

haha you’re right just like a 30 min video on the epic’s website and i’m hitting the slopes again

ok tbh the whole thing wasn’t too great since there were snowcats working their way up towards us and grooming, but i was just really pissed off they closed the park super-early that day… i paid for it!

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