Heavenly gondola downtown opens on the 18th

So I talked to the Tram crew today on the way up along the Gunbarrel, and they say that the South Lake Tahoe side opens this Friday the 18th. So awesome and no need to drive up to the Cal Lodge, can just book downtown and walk around all the bars and BBQ places and sit by the fire and eat some ribs and have some brews without worrying about the stupid car and driving anywhere :fire::fire::fire:

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where at though, marriott is hella expensive, everything else is far away

how was the snow btw

it was good for the first day, too many people on the second

if you’re into cheap rooms, hard rock is like 80 bucks and it’s right there near the gondola

yeah what are you talking about, there is the Nevada side, there is also just a whole town full of hotels and motels if you walk towards the lake, it’s all right there.

yeah, gondola side for sure this time

well it looks like the tram crew was full of it because there seems to be no skiing on the gondola side even though it’s technically open. and even though I asked them specifically about skiing.

no way did they say when it’ll be open? Any new runs open?

nope. really depends on the snow i guess.

Canyon Express opened up this weekend, which was nice. Still not a lot of runs and tons of rocks on anything non-groomed.